DogyRace Game News

May 19, 2022



We are proud to launch DogyRace game on mainnet after several months of development and hard work, but after testing during the beta version we have decided to change the entry fee and rewards from DOR to BNB to avoid the price drop and to boost the use of DOR in the marketplace, renting and breeding section.

Tier 1
-Entry fee: 0.055 BNB

-Prize: 0.4 BNB

Tier 2
-Entry fee: 0.033 BNB

-Prize: 0.24 BNB

Tier 3
-Entry fee: 0.011 BNB

-Prize: 0.08 BNB

To make sure that everything works properly now that the game is deployed on mainnet, we have decided to make an early access for those players who want to play the game before the rest.

We have also made some changes to the website, visit it at

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A dog racing platform based on BSC Blockchain, you can buy NFT dogs and canodromes where you will earn a real percentage of profit and bet on races.